Fascinating Fridays 2nd Edition

Good evening Travellers,

I see you have survived not one, but two rather stressful days in the holiday season, Thanksgiving AND Black Friday. I’m not a participant in the latter, just goes against certain principles in my life, namely living intentionally and not collecting stuff. I also however do not have a large family that requires gift exchanging and if we are being honest, my rather finicky/discerning tastes tend to rarely be enticed by all the “DEALS”. I’m a girl who knows what she wants, which can be good or bad depending on the situation.

Last week I decided to try out this new idea that I would post three things on Friday’s that for one reason or another I thought the world should see/read/hear or consume in some orifice. This first one is a random item that appeared in my newsfeed earlier this week. It’s a doozy. And if you are easily offended by discussion about body orifices, just skip ahead.

As a person who believes in living a healthy lifestyle, I’ve never responded or attempted the absurd trends you might find on Instagram or GOOP. People insist the dumbest shit will make you healthier and unfortunately, the internet does not have any policing for stupidity does it? I tend to preach what I practice. And when it comes to my advice, Goldilocks had it right, somewhere in the middle is usually a good rule of thumb. As in, if it sounds extreme it probably is AND if it sounds absurd, it most definitely is..doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have a good WTF chuckle though…

I mentioned GOOP because of THIS EGG, which actually got them sued. The just of it was to use a jade egg in your vagina as a health accoutrement…NOW, someone on IG is suggesting that you sun your perineum with some regularity for health benefits. Yes, you just read that correctly, turn your brown eye to the sky. You have to READ THIS  for the photos alone! Somewhere in one article, I saw Johnny Knoxville’s name mentioned so this could be a gag, because how can it not be?! Anyways, laughter is good for stress, am I right?

Item dos, one of my very favorite desserts, Pear Clafoutis. Let’s just start with how awesome it is to say the word Clafoutis. I know, it’s looks like the name of a venereal disease, but it’s not . HERE is an actual audio pronunciation. Let me also add how much I enjoy the fact there are people out in the internet providing pronunciation for words…Anyways, it is one of the easiest and tastiest treats I’ve ever made and every time I take it anywhere, it’s a smash. I just took it to Thanksgiving at my friend’s house yesterday.

I originally found the recipe on the blog I linked above. Molly Wizenberg always suggested things that I had never heard of and they almost always worked out splendidly. AND when I said it was easy to make, I’m not kidding. You are simply cutting up a pear, buttering a dish, and throwing the ingredients in a blender, pour that mixture on the pears and bake. Voila, super awesome dessert that is super fun to say as well!!

We’re gonna call this a half item, because I loved it when I read it, so I have to share it. No doubt I’m going to start putting it into my regular vocabulary rotation. I was looking at hoodies on the Gap website and one user described how fabulous this hoodie was with the following words, “Goldie Locks Good”  Isn’t that a wonderful turn of phrase? YASSSSSS…

Last thing, number three, there are always these few television shows that people swear are the second coming. The Sopranos, Seinfeld, Friends, Sex and the City, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, MASH, Ryan Murphy’s various FX shows…you know what I mean…I’m here to make a pitch for what I think may be the best show on TV. It’s on a streaming service, Amazon, and it’s just perfect I think. It’s ““The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”” and I mention it now because on December 6th the third season will begin. The show has pretty much won every f**cking award known to man, and I’m telling you, IT DESERVES ALL OF THEM. It’s charming and as a woman, it’s reassuring and it’s funnier than hell and it’s a place in time that current America has forgotten…so stop waiting and go watch Season 1 and 2 before next Friday…

There you have it, a bunch of humor and something yummy…have a fabulous evening!!



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