Nocturnal emissions

Good evening Travellers,

I wanna try a little free form, short form, valid thoughts before I go to bed in a few…some nights my mind is buzzing, do you ever have that? And it feels like I wanna say somethings but there’s no one hear to tell. Maybe breaking the fourth wall?

just an uncensored thought or two, then I’m gonna go…

I was watching “Mrs. Maisel’s” new season tonight, and you should be too, I know I really like show because there are some parallels to my own life. It’s like a fictional life vest for my soul. Mostly, it’s the fact that everything is changing around me. Like her, but different and yet the same. And that’s why we make art and participate in it as well…to feel connection.

My house got a new heart today, isn’t a furnace the heart of a home? I have an alien in my basement. An unfamiliar artifact. I’m wondering if heart transplant patients smell strange afterwards, because my house smells strange now.

The actual physical state of my home changed, which may sound dramatic, but I find myself sensitive to things that don’t cause any shift for others. 12 years the same. Most off this house has not changed in the time of my occupancy. Every creature in my house seems exhausted from the chaos of this day. Now my home doesn’t have the same sounds, in the dark, my ears fill with strange new sounds. Strange new brave world.

My whole marriage very little changed and now, now we have begun…And I realized, just tonight, I really realized, do you know what I mean, really realizing? Like the weight has shifted in reality…I realized if you want something new in this world, you’re going to have to give it something in return. If you want to chase a dream, pursue a new path, let your soul lead you, find a new love or home, you’re gonna have to give. And the giving will be uncomfortable, maybe unbearable at times and exciting in equal measure. Fear and wonder are riding shotgun in my gut.

And you have to work really f*cking hard for what you want…And face it, things won’t just come to us, will they?

AND Alanis Morrisette is back, did you know? I didn’t have Fascinating Friday today, but I wanna make sure you’ve heard THIS and there’s a Broadway play written by Diablo Cody around Jagged Little Pill. If you are under 30, you need to listen to that album. And THIS ONE OFF she did for a movie, live in particular. It’s transcendent.

And BABY YODA….haven’t seen the show, but good grief that little dude is obscenely cute, isn’t’ he? Cuteness always finds a way, doesn’t it?

And this will be fascinating to me perhaps, but I have this palm tree and for 10 years, it’s just grown like a tree, but last week it bloomed. Like that blueberry bush in my office. Just bloomed. And this tree’s bloom sorta stinks, it’s like being sodomized through your sense of smell, so much stench filling room, no way to keep it out of your nose. Like a really really pungent Iris smell. I had to castrate it. As in clip that bloom off.


But I was thinking maybe a message is being sent to me from the universe. And that message is, It’s time to bloom little weirdo, Bloom.

Good night.

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