V.A.C. #7 It’s so fluffy!!!

Good evening Travellers,

Today’s little door #7, and behind it is the image of a tiny little person snug in their bed with a little smile on their face…and you can see their tiny little feet hanging out the sides adorned in fluffy socks…

The reason for the season today is comfort. Comforting your aching souls with fluffy, soft, warmly embracing, reassuring hug, deep sigh, fuzzy comfort. I’m not sure how you’re doing this season so far, but today I’ve taken abit of nose dive. Just alone, feeling very alone looking at my wonderful tree, unsure if anyone else will see it but me and my fur kids. Trying to find validation for your life inside yourself is rather challenging somedays, isn’t it? Being on your own is both a liberating journey and super sad at times during the holidays.

I’ve been remembering Christmas family events in my adolescence surrounded by people and yet, feeling alone. Like an island unto myself. Ever feel like that? Like you are unreachable? Like you are standing separately from everyone else even though they are right next to you? It’s a strangely unpleasant sensation. Not sure if today or those days were worse.

I know when I feel alone I always wished I could be hugged, don’t you? Like a really good sincere warm bear hug. However I’m not gonna just call up friends and say, ‘Come over and hug me dammit!” Little known fact, the thing I will miss and always remember about my ex, he was the best hugger I’ve ever met. Isn’t that unfortunate? He could hug his way out of a nuclear threat I bet…

I think that the holidays while having all the good intentions in the world turn very quickly into the road to hell sometimes. For many different reasons and that’s a shame, isn’t it? All that tinsel should only be for happier days. And if you give it some time, the better feelings return…and here’s one of the ways I help to bring them back…

Buy yourself or others reasonably priced fuzzy comforting socks, flannel sheets, furry blankets, fluffy pillows, cozy sweaters, warm hoodies, or whatever makes your soul feel at ease. Not just for the holidays, but all winter long. And I do believe you can find said items for under $30 in most cases for good quality because most of all mine were bought for a similar price, just gotta look or wait for sales.

You know what I’m talking about, you are in a shop and touch something super soft and you’re like, ’Ahhhhhhhh”. There is something about tactile comfort and how our sense of touch is so closely woven into our inner sense of well being. Think how wonderful you feel in the sun. It’s warm light cascading onto your skin warms your soul. Winter time, no such sun, so we have to change gears. By wrapping your whole self or parts of yourself in something comforting and fuzzy, it’s a similar feeling, but cozier and softer. It’s like a sort of shelter for your soul in the colder months.

When winter began this year, I felt suddenly much colder in bed with my usual sheets than I can remember. In a way I was lucky that my ex and I had been sleeping separately for years before our divorce, due to his snoring. I didn’t have to adapt to being alone in a bed after years with someone by my side.

I don’t know if it was that I became acutely aware of being all alone in my house that made it impossible to get the chill off me or what, but I broke down and bought flannel sheets for $28 at Target and it’s made all the difference. Revolutionary I dare say… My bed has become a warm fuzzy envelope where Charlie and I curl up in the deepest slumber every night since…oh, and there are fuzzy socks, which I buy 3 for $15 every few years at my local department store. And I have warm fuzzy flannel pants and a soft long sleeved shirt…truly I have mummified myself in fuzz. Obviously, you don’t need to go that far…

I have a fuzzy blanket on the couch for television watching when there’s a draft, and fuzzy pillows on my front couch that feel like marshmallows. My dog Lou has the softest fur of any dog I have ever met bar none. Sometimes I rub her nape like a Buddha belly. Charlie is a warm ball of purring fuzz that is more comforting that anything I’ve encountered…I’m wearing a hoodie as I’m writing this now..

The point of this little detour is we need to learn to comfort ourselves especially in times of stress. I think that’s one of the single most difficult things I’ve figured out in this last year, there is infinite value in your ability to self soothe. And it’s solely our responsibility, like happiness and sometimes it may require some additional fluff.



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