V.A.C. #12 Feel the Wonder

Good snowy morning Travellers,

Snow has arrived in Kansas, or at least where I live…the air is chilly and crisp and so very still…Have you ever stood in the snow just listening to the nothing? Especially while it’s falling.  All the natural world seems to fall silent under it’s weight. Even in the city, life moves with a muffled step, like it’s treading around a giant sleeping baby. It’s really like magic if you think about it…maybe that’s what the natural world believes, it’s silence is an enchantment, it’s an audience watching the most gifted illusionist work their magic, except this is real…


If you look closely, you can see the falling snow in front of the tree trunk and the dusting on it’s limbs and my neighbor’s roof is a blanket of white. I love how snow dresses the landscape, don’t you?

When you open today’s little advent door, you find a single tiny snowflake, iridescent, glistening in silver foil colors. I’m not sure a drawn image can capture the intricacies of an actual snowflake, but imagine the best effort was taken.

Do you remember snow as a kid? Did you have snow as a child where you live? I always forget there are people out in the world who have never experienced snow. Hard to believe but true.

For those of us who did, do you remember being so excited to run outside in it’s presence, free from concern of winter’s nip? Being so annoyed at your Mom or Dad for piling on the layers of clothes, snow suits, hats, mittens, scarves to ready you for the cold outside. We were free from the concerns that adults are marred with every time the white flakes come down on our world. It was joy before you even knew what the word joy meant…it was wonder.

Have you ever seen the movie “White Christmas”?  It’s the first thing I think of when it snows this time of year. If you have any streaming services, I believe last I checked it’s on all the platforms, I encourage you to watch it today. It’ll make your heart warm and your eyes well up. Movies from that era are unlike anything we see today. It almost seems like aa world that never existed.

And yes, we all think of Bing Crosby singing THIS ONE SONG, and yes, his voice does border on a supernatural smoothness that no one else can touch, BUT today, we’re going to listen to THIS ONE, which is also in that movie. Because it’s so delightful!! Rosemary Clooney and Danny Kaye are just f*cking legendary as well. Seriously, stop reading and go listen to those songs!! Especially if you have a case of the Grinches.

Obviously, dear Travellers, we are scattered around this world and certainly not everyone will have snow on this day, so tuck this one away in anticipation or hope perhaps. I’ve actually always been fascinated at the idea of celebrating these holidays in warm climates where the idea of a Christmas tree and snow seems absurd even. Maybe someday I will, it’s just I can’t bring myself to leave the ladies and pussy cats alone. For some reason I always believe they know there is something special about this time of year. And they love the snow too. Even Faline…


I KNOW!! She is too fabulous for words!!

If you have the snow, go outside in it today. Bundle up so you can take awhile. If it’s not too cold, walk your dogs out in the snow, or even your cats, should that be on your menu. Most importantly, don’t treat it like a chore! Stop, look around, listen, smell the air, feel it on your face, bask in the wonder that you believed in once not so many years ago as a child. If it’s actually snowing, open your mouth and let the flakes melt on you tongue, your face, your lips…remember eating snow as a kid? It was AMAZING!! JUST REMEMBER, feel all that hope, wonder, joy and life bubbling inside you. The French call it Joie de vivre, the cheerful enjoyment of life.

I think we must all endeavor to remember that no matter our age, there is a well inside us all where these feelings and memories live as part of us. No matter the darkness or how sad your year has been, maybe nothing is working out for you this year, maybe like me, you are alone at home for the first time in a season that says family at every turn, maybe this is the worst year of your life, but as long as it can snow, there can be magic once again in all our lives. Truly.

Do you have any magical snow stories you’d like to share or cats wandering about in the snow, please leave a comment below or email me at acpoe17@gmail.com.


P.S. For those of you who would like to know more about snowflakes, there is a wonderful photography book on the subject. It really illustrates just how magnificent each flake is under a microscopic lens.






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