Immunity is a Garden

Good afternoon Travellers,

Obviously for starters not many humans on Earth will be traveling any great distances for the next several weeks. However I do believe that these circumstances that have presented themselves offer all of us unlimited internal mileage opportunities. As in growth. Or so my optimistic side says, we can as a species grow from this experience. Mostly because I think all the things that we find unpleasant and difficult in life offer us the greatest opportunity to grow, don’t they?

In case you are new here, I live in Kansas and while the city in which I dwell does not currently have any confirmed cases of Corona virus (or what I have affectionately dubbed, “The Beer Virus” because sometimes you can be serious and have a giggle simultaneously), there is a county nearby with 8 confirmed cases. Many people who reside here travel back and forth between the two on a daily basis to work. It’s only a matter of time, right?

One week ago, I had lunch with a good friend and the world was same same. In the past 72 hours, things have gone abit bizarro. Of course, there are two songs I have been alternately playing in my mind,  One & TWO. Because there is always music in my world…

By the way, anything in the text that is pink and underlined is a link to something noteworthy, awesome or mind expanding, so if you have time, please go there. It’s all a part of my blogging.

The past three days, I half expect to wake up and this all be a dream. The weather here is so dreary. It feels so weird and strange, how is this reality? When I open the front door each morning for my cats to look out into the darkness, I half expect to see this:


That’s Bruce Willis a la “12 Monkeys” which was a movie that came out years ago. It’s about a weaponized virus that of course wipes out most of humanity and what’s left of us, in the future, are sending Bruce back to find the people responsible for the outbreak. Without giving anything away, let’s just say nothing is what it seems in this story. Also, Brad Pitt gives one helluva performance. I highly recommend watching it just so you can appreciate the surreal nature of where we find ourselves right now. OBVIOUSLY the Beer Virus was not a weaponized attack, unless you think the bats have it in for us.

Last night, I experienced another first hand cinematic moment of my youth from, “The Night of the Comet” which is a story about a comet that somehow powderizes all the people who witness it on the night of it’s near Earth orbit. Of course, there are a few survivors and others who have what I guess could be described as a sort of zombie/infected situation. In the movie, the two heroines are alone in a department store and last night, I lived that moment in real life. I had to get my primer, because while things are okay here now, soon they may not be. Inside the store, there was just me and a few store associates and it was so unsettling. I don’t even have words. When I pulled into the lot, there were only 3 cars and the kind employee said their lack of business is crippling their bottom line. And that’s a massive chain store, so imagine how the little guys are feeling. Imagine how all businesses outside of toilet paper companies, Clorox and anyone who produces antibacterial hand gel feel right now.

I think I’m in a sort of shock. Aren’t you in shock? In the shower today, I realized if I get sick as the administrator of my business, it would be very bad. Because by the way, I work with the portion of the population that could die if they contract this virus, so that’s not at all concerning, is it? I work in the housing industry and we are going to struggle. I keep thinking in 6 weeks, maybe 8, this will all be less outrageous. There no doubt will be massive financial repercussions around the world on top of the deaths and medical fall out. It’s a lot. Have you thought about that as well? I’m not trying to scare anyone, just take it all in. This is going into the history books. And the science texts and the annuals of the Stock Market.

And up until the past 24 hours, I didn’t give any of it any kind of weight. Because I’m young-ish and healthy and take care of myself. But then I started thinking about the responsibility I have, we all have, to not get the virus, and that feels like a lot. Or are we overreacting? Won’t we all eventually have this virus once in our lives just like a flu? I guess that’s the plan right now, to spread it all out over time, so the medical system doesn’t collapse. Which seems like a solid plan, right? Because there will never be a day where this virus doesn’t exist again. Do you realize that, and I’ve been thinking, this will probably happen again. Another virus. And again, so we need to work together to come up with a plan, don’t we? One that could be used again.

I think that’s the biggest thing, we need to work together. All of us. Especially here in America.

I resent the media for whipping us all into hysteria, I think if you do not have medical credentials or work for the CDC, the WHO or the foreign equivalent, you don’t get to talk. No speculating, no guessing, no alarmist bizarre shit should be allowed out to the public. The internet however is an uncontrolled 12 lane freeway of crazy isn’t it? I’ve read some things that were wow, just wow.

Viruses are a funny thing you know, they live all round us, all the time. I read THIS article in February which was not too long ago and it mentioned a virus unlike anything ever seen before. It’s called the Yaravirus. And until I saw the words, “not contagious to humans” I thought’ “Oh great, we are f*cked.”

In truth, we are always living with viruses and bacteria, EVERYWHERE on EVERYTHING. There is truly an entire microscopic cosmos living here with us. And most important, the largest piece of our immune system is bacteria based. Our gut bacteria or flora as people call it. I call them my tiny monsters because they have to be tough and fierce to fight off infections and viruses like the Beer virus. We need to strengthen those internal armies Travellers.

And I think now is a good time to reflect on each of our personal care regimens or lack there of, don’t you? I don’t mean that in a finger pointing, “You do better” kind of way, I mean we all have behaviors that affect our immunity that could be improved upon. And in my opinion here’s the rub, immunity isn’t something we buy in a bottle, it’s something you grow inside yourself, and tend to like the most precious garden you could ever grow. It’s something we nurture with good food, good sleep hygiene, daily movement, hydration and mental health care.

Just like any garden, it takes time and consistency. And patience. And we all have our off days, or areas in which we struggle, mine is regular sleep. But I feel like in this global pause, why not stop and try to grow in this direction. What if we could start a larger conversation about these things NOT being about weight loss or body size and instead being just about health. Being healthy, surviving and thriving in a post beer virus apocalyptic world. How about that?

Truly, please leave comments here or on my IG. How are you feeling, what are you doing in this very odd time of history?  I think now is a really good time to talk amongst ourselves, and I would love to hear from all of you. Especially my readers on other continents, I see you in my stats and hope you are well.

I’m going to try to write positive ideas daily for this coming week, so again, drop me some lines. I may even start posting on IG with free work outs and things like that, I dunno, I’m kinda shy outside of pictures but I’m working up the courage…

And now I get to say some words, also science fiction film dialogue, but they are now somehow really appropriate:

Live long and prosper AND May the Force be with you!!!!

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