Return to Eden

Buenos Noches Travellers,

It’s early evening here and I’ve had a rather lazy uneventful kind of Sunday, how about you? Outside of chores around the house and a kettle bell work out, the only other great adventure to report is spending time lying on my back patio in the sun after tending to my little sprouting garden. It’s been a beautiful day outside, the birds are singing, the grass is growing and things are budding…You’d never know from the looks of the weather that humanity was in a global free fall.

Last year I wrote about my rather serendipitous garden and how it was burgeoning with flowers and fruits and random insect visitors. That was late April though and it was during a divorce not a viral apocalypse. I had all the fears then, so much fear that I sometimes woke up crying and yet deep inside, the smallest of hopes that I would be alright was sprouting and my the hope that my life was just beginning again. That I would flourish on my own. And in the best moments of this rather difficult situation, I feel that way from time to time.

This is my small table of Eden…

I know there’s not much to see yetyet being the most important word…

And yes, I do mean that Eden, the one Adam and Eve were supposedly thrown out of for eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge. That whole story has always spoke to me about the bliss of ignorance, control and the knowledge of our darker nature. And Eve being held at fault for her weakness of curiosity. AND most importantly that we have place in this world, we are not it’s owners…And I have to wonder is curiosity a weakness? And I ponder all of this not as a Christian but just as a causal observer…Because interestingly the situation we find ourselves in could largely be seen as an overreach of human desires. And the interesting thing about following your path of desires or curiosity in a moment of abandon is there’s a price. You just don’t know the price…

If we look at the combination of our actions, maybe not you and me, but our species in general, we have in fact been taking what we want, eating what we want, burning what we want, encroaching where we want…this is the third virus to cross over from species contamination and they say you repeat your lessons until you learn them. Except Eve, she only got one shot, several warnings but only one misstep and POOF, no more garden. This virus is a helluva a price, isn’t it?

And while I know this is a sad, scary, depressing, difficult, anxiety ridden, financially devastating time, we need to figure out what the lesson is here. Because there’s always a lesson, isn’t there?

This year for me, this garden serves as a rather hopeful spot in a rather dark time, so I thought I’d share it with you…It’s not much to look at right now, as I am about three weeks early and had decided to plant seeds as well this year to see if I can grow some veggies for other people too. (Fingers crossed.)


The sunflowers were planted along the edge of my drive way, so no idea if anything will come of that, but here’s hoping. Sometimes trying is worth everything.

And there’s one last thing I want to show you…



If you go back and look at the first photo, you can see this little tiny guy behind the round clay colored pot that’s on the ground. It’s under the table and that my friends is a strawberry plant. A little guy who is trying despite the fact it’s growing in a cement crack. Life finds a way, that’s the message today, life always finds a way and somehow we will too. It might be harder than we like, take longer than we want and just like that little plant, maybe we don’t get to live in the garden as we did before, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Be well Travellers!!!

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