Can you tell me how to get to Normal Street?

Bonsoir Travellers,

I went to work today. Normally that’s not of any particular interest, but when you’re practicing the whole “Stay-Home, 6-feet-apart-Distancing-Dance” it feels oddly noteworthy, doesn’t it?

I’ve been thinking today about what “normal” is in terms of our daily lives and how or when we come to accept a new version of “normal”. Or even how many times in your life can you adapt to a different kind of “normal”…

I’m just gonna rift off some thoughts again so here we go…


What is “normal” really? Why does this word even exist? Because we are all so different and I have to believe that each of us has our own ideas of what normal is…

What’s the real barometer of normal? Is normal a worthy or reliable measure of anything?

Normal seems to consist of having a job, a relationship, a home, and obeying laws. I think our society has ideas about how “normal people” look or dress, which I tend to think causes more harm than guidance.

We all have sets of daily behaviors we would call “our normal”…My normal includes working out everyday, and eating well. Catching the sunrise and sunset. Talking to cats and dogs ALOT. Caring for a home, running a business. I’d like writing and training/teaching movement to become my normal in the nearer future.

A year ago, my normal was fractured. My normal was being married and then I wasn’t…last night, I vividly remembered the first night I was alone in my house and how hollow the lofted area felt. It sounded like a cave and I felt so small. And scared. And alone. Even the furniture seemed somehow become disproportionate to the space it had always occupied.

Flash forward to here and now, at the beginning of May, it’ll be one year from that moment and not much has physically changed in that space, but it never feels hollow anymore. I’m not sure it ever was, I think it was me that felt hollow inside. The echo was the emptiness in me.

And when the weather lovely, as it is now, I leave the windows open up there and light fills the space with it’s incandescent warmth and breezes ease in the cracks of the lifted window panes. It feels like how “Georgia on my Mind” sounds to me. Like a warm slow soft waltz.

I think I’d call that my new normal…



And now here we are, I think it’s safe to say this whole viral situation is going to become either a new normal or a transient kind of normal that will fluctuate with the rise and fall of infection. I don’t think the world will ever be as it was. I believe we will all need to accept a new normal. Not begrudgingly either, but somehow we have to embrace it.

This new normal may not have wide spread travel or sporting events or dance clubs or concerts or at this point I’m wondering what will happen to Christmas. A normal with less things in our lives, but more toilet paper. A normal that creates a lot of space in our routines and gaps to be filled with new ideas.

It’s ironic that so many people believed that 2020 was going to be a year of elevation and progress and self- evolution that would create a fabulous new normal. Perhaps a better normal…

And yet here we are on that precipice of old normal and new normal…

I’m beginning to feel pretty accepting of this new way of life some days, are you? I mean the first week was discombobulating, but then I got ahold of myself and began regulating my sleep again and planning what to do with this time. And a sort of acceptance came over me because I realized I can get a lot of things done that I enjoy in this time.

I could enjoy this time…Maybe we could all find a way to enjoy this time.

There’s a thought, right.

Obviously this is discarding the fact that I could get sick and die. But we will fall ill and die someday, no one gets out of this life alive.

I wonder what normal is like in death?

To be clear, it might actually be easier for me to accept this situation because I don’t have kids going to school online. I don’t have to allay their fears and answer a million questions. Because if I was five right now, I’d have a litany of questions.

I have a job for which I am endlessly thankful and fortunate. And I wasn’t ready for big time socializing yet anyways. I’m still in my post-divorce cocoon. So this is okay. I think I’m learning that I may in fact be an introverted extrovert who weirdly excels at public speaking…

The world is in chaos,  and yet when I’m in my home, or on my patio or walking the dogs, I’m good…is that bad?

I think a lot of my acceptance comes from the fact that I don’t have cable and I limit my readings about the virus to people who are either in the CDC or WHO or are immunologists. I’m only gonna listen to people who have some ideas about what this is, what helps and what may actually happen based on prior outbreaks. I don’t think anyone else should actually be speaking right now.

 Because to those people, viruses are normal. They are a normal part of their education, their jobs and their livelihood. Their normal is facing the things that scare the shit out of the rest of us on a daily basis. They are people we rarely see very often in the press, or may never know in the real world, but yet their normal lives can change the course of human history. Their normal days can save us all.

Are you feeling normal yet?


I hope to hear from some of you in comments below…be well Travellers…



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