Life’s little luxuries

Buenos Dias Travellers,

Yesterday afternoon around 3:45 pm, I laid down on my bed. Alone. So quiet. Just laid there. On my back with the windows open. Eyes closed. The weight of my body sinking into the mattress. There was just a whisper of a breeze and the sunlight slinking in the spaces between the curtain panels. The dogs were lying on the floor breathing in a slow rhythm that kept time with the whirl of the ceiling fan. Outside there was an orchestra of birds, some singing, some pecking, some tweeting, and a distant dog barking. It was like the world was lying down for a nap.

It was absolutely luscious in every way. The kind of moment we attempt to replicate again and never quite capture.

This is a time I would normally be at work, but I’m not today. And anytime I get to do something at the wrong time, doing life out of it’s regularly sequenced order. I feel like it’s a sort of luxury. Affordable luxury.

I remember in my 20s, going to watch movies in the theatre on Wednesday nights. So delicious. Don’t ask me why, but I felt like a little bit of a rebel. It was so deeply ingrained by my parents that these kind of activities were ONLY for the weekends. And sitting in a mostly vacant theater watching a movie with a boy or a friend was just the best. Felt like an extravagance to a working girl.

I love eating standing up in the kitchen. Even now. Mostly now, because the house is all mine. Or even better, not plating food, eating out of pans or eating part of dessert first. Like making cookie dough while my dinner is baking in the oven. And then eating a few finger fulls of yummyness. Before dinner. Yea…opulence right there

My late night showers are perhaps lavish. I’m pretty sure I could save $15 on my water bill if I would stop, but I just so enjoy that 7-8 minutes of warm water cascading over me, washing the day off or me, it’s worth it. I guess besides good food, that’s my splurge every month.

Last night the house warmed to 77 because of the heat of the day. And I didn’t turn on the A/C. Because the heat felt like the best gauzy embrace of the summer to come. After winter, this month always feels like a luxury to not run either any kind of climate control. It’s just open windows baby and as much fresh air as you can stand.


Spending so much time with my fur kids is a gift right now for me. It is a sort of splendor to just sit with them outside. In the middle of the day or late at night. I think right now in lieu of the virus, if you or someone you love isn’t suffering, this time is a gift I think. This stillness. This solitude. This slow motion. These days where time slows to the Sunday crawling speed. It is a strange luxury.

Last night I talked to my dear friend for two hours. TWO hours. We never get to do that because of our work schedules. And while the conversation was only on the phone, we were together. AND I spent most of the time wandering on my terrace talking, looking up at the Super Moon. Last night was the pink moon, even though it seemed more golden to me. I just realized in those moments how fortunate I am right now. How grateful I am, even in my hours alone. And oh, the moon.

And then my conversation ended with this little man lying on my bed in front of me. In the golden glow of the floor lamp. He kept reaching his little paw out to my hand and making tiny donuts. I swear there are times when his little face, all of their little  faces look almost human. Having animals in your life is a privilege, like children. Something beyond luxury really.


And I’m sure if you’ve lost a job and are struggling, some of this may seem out of touch, but I believe better times are coming. For all of us. I believe everything we plant and sow breaks through the soil and grows. Eventually. Hang on. We all have dreams, jobs, aspirations, plans, scholastic endeavors, and a multitude of other dilemmas that have been paused against out will.

But somewhere in here, in all of our here, in every day life, without bows or fancy wrappings or big price tags, there are so many ways to satiate your soul. Life in and of itself is a luxury that few can afford to waste. All human life. And all of the time we are given for it. Something to think about this morning maybe…



Are you doing okay out there?

If no one has told you today, I hope you are well and the sunshine finds your face at some point.

Any and all comments or questions welcome, Be well!!

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