Everything is going to be alright

Good evening Travellers,

If you’ve had a rough day, let me be the first to say, it’s all going to work out. And if you are thinking, “How?”

In truth, I have no idea.

Because Bob Marley said so..

Actually, I think it’s safe to say that any given problem has a multitude of solutions and no single human can calculate them all. But I feel it’s important to learn to believe that somehow, everything will be alright. Sort of like knowing true North.

Now, you have to remember that “alright” may not look like what you wanted or what you had envisioned, but that doesn’t make it any less alright. Alright might be surviving and having something left resembling your life on the other side of the chasm.

Letting go of things looking exactly as you want all the time is a challenge, but it’s a worthwhile skill. Control is an illusion after all, and so is perfection. Real has so many shades of beauty though, you just have to adjust your vision to see it.

And it’s not easy, I myself work on that kind of stuff everyday. In fact, I tend to think we have to work to hone ourselves and our perception and reactions pretty consistently to achieve any notion of inner peace. Which means all the time.

When you step back and look at how complex life really is and consider the billions of lives that are concurrently living next to yours, any kind of civilization is a sort of miracle, isn’t it?

I’ve recently realized that somewhere along the way I’ve learned something very important in the past year and a half without even knowing it happened.

I used to be a person who required someone else to tell me everything will be okay. Growing up, my Grandma Max would tell me everything works out in the end. And I absolutely believed her when she said it. I can still hear her in my mind. My ex would tell me as well, and I seemed to find some comfort in his assurance as well.

I find now I can say it to myself and I believe it. I don’t need to hear anyone else say it any longer. I have no idea how that happened, but it did.


I’d like to offer you something now that gives me a sense of that sentiment, but in my physical body. It’s a little thing I do that I find very grounding and comforting in times of stress and self-doubt. Or fear and uncertainty. It really helps with the fears.

I do this hand mudra inspired posture while lying in bed at night right before I go to sleep. It brings you home to you body and the breath and the moment you are in. All of that stillness and being present is really important prior to sleeping.

Quick tip: If you are a woman, you’ll want to do this bra-less, as a push up bra will create an obstacle situation for the hand placement on the sternum.

Begin lying on your back. You may need to bend the knees to achieve full spinal contact. That means upper (cervical spine) middle (thoracic spine) and lower (lumbar) and full sacrum contact. The sacrum is the triangular bone that is connected to your ilia, which is the back section of your pelvis. The knee bend is to get your tushy out of the way. Your feet will be flat on the mattress or floor. If you’ll notice the glutes (tushy) tend to protrude in such a way that lying on your back with legs down, your lower back will arch abit. We don’t want that here, whole spine, flat and sealed to the floor or mattress, or wherever you are lying.

You are going to use an open hand position here, both hands. I use the cue, make like a tree frog, because their hands are always open, as in fingers not together. Like you are going to palm a basketball.

Locate your sternum with your fingertips of one hand, that is the center bone of your ribs. The middle of your upper torso. The center of you. Feel the sturdiness of the bone there. And think, “I am here.” Close your eyes and take a few deep inhales and exhales. Then you are going to place both hands, opened palmed on the center of your chest as follows. I tend to use my dominant hand on top, so try it out both ways, and see what feels natural to you.

Place the top hand with palm over the sternum right between pecs/breasts. Think saying the pledge of allegiance, but move the hand more center. The hand should have firm contact with the sternum and chest.The second hand is placed below that one, palm towards the sternum, but the fingers are are pointing towards the elbow of the top arm. The tip of the thumb of that hand is touching the side of your top hand and it‘ll be covering the lowest piece of the sternum and your Xiphoid process. (Because it’s one of the coolest named anatomical pieces, and that’s a link with an image, sternum included.)

Now close your eyes, and feel your hands on your chest. Feel the rise and fall of your chest with breath. Press down slightly, or as much as you like, until your feel comfortable. I like some pressure here, so I can ground myself in myself. And then I think to myself or say out loud any combination of the following…

“You are here, I am here, everything will be ok.” “ You can figure this out.” “ You are alright here in this moment. You are safe in this moment.” “Everything will be alright.”

Or whatever similar words feel genuine to you…

And then press down with your hands feel your back grounding into the surface beneath you and breathe calmly for as long as it takes.

I’ve cried while doing this, and it calms everything down. I actually started this when I was getting divorced and it was a sort of salvation in the darkness.

Hope any of that helps your day/evening. Any questions about the posturing, please let me know.

Be well Travellers!!


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