It’s a few shakes of a lamb’s tail past midnight Travellers,

Have you found yourselves losing time during this whole viral purgatory experience? I’ve had two other nights where I have myself been wide awake after midnight, feeling abit out of synch with my regularly scheduled life…

I’d like to try another little free form experiment here if I may…

A few days ago I overheard somewhere someone saying that we just need to get over this pandemic and move on. The sooner it’s over, the sooner we can forget it…And just move on.

As if it was a bad boyfriend that we should break up with or unfollow.

As if we could run away fast enough and far enough the virus would lose the scent of the human trail.

As if there is a place somewhere on Earth where this spell wasn’t cast and we could go there to forget.

As if this is a bad smell we could just vigorously scrub off in a long hot shower.

As if all the people who have been ill or died are of no significance.

As if all this fear was just a feverish dream.

As if everyone can just pick up from this unscheduled reality break and go right back to the book mark they left in pages of their life story.

As if somehow the financial devastation was just a tsunami that washed over us and has now returned to it’s rightful place in the calm blue sea.

As if we are not deeply connected to each other around the world by air, sea, or land travel.

As if this would never happen again. If we could just forget…

And I have to wonder:

What is the value of remembering the events of your life?

What memories do you treasure most?

What memories do you pass on or share with others?

What memories keep you warm when life is cruel and unkind?

What memories motivate you or give you hope in the darkness?

Do your memories teach you? Do you allow them to educate your choices??

What do you keep alive inside yourself within your memories?\

Isn’t it amazing how many memories the human mind can hold?

Why do we remember?


Isn’t remembering one of the most interesting things about us? That we have recorded our history to remember it and teach it. There are obviously many versions of memory when it comes to history, aren’t there? History is not one singular voice, but a chorus of all human witnesses.

I’m not aware of any one human’s memories being better or more beautiful than the next. All memories have value, don’t they?

Some of us seem to have a greater aptitude when it comes to memorization or perhaps it’s a matter of being fully present.

When I heard that person, I couldn’t help but remember the thing eloquent and just teachers are so fond of saying about “Those who forget history are destined to repeat it…” 

Have truer words ever been spoken?

I believe that’s why we remember. To help us do better. To help us learn. To give us strength. To unite us and to preserve our humanity.


I say, don’t rush to move on and forget all of this, take your time so you’ll remember…






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