Bonjour Travellers,

Do not adjust your browser, I have indeed changed the name of my blog.

As a friend used to say, “Is this the hill you want to die on?” No, no it was not. I may not have won the first round of semantics for the word “pussy” but I tried my best, which is all any of us can really do.

Moving onward…

I thought about calling this post, “Begin, again.” But that didn’t feel quite right, as this isn’t a new beginning, but more of a transformation.

It’s taken me awhile to figure out what is the purpose of this blog, what is it that I hope to truly articulate here in this space. And who is my audience. The answer is anyone who is searching and seeking a deeper life. Thinking, moving, learning, nurturing and even the hurting. Especially the hurting, the injuries, wounds, pain, and inconvenient disasters of our lives are the places where we find the greatest opportunity to grow. I’m speaking from experience. It is both scary and freeing to be bare and honest. I’m pretty sure that’s why we are here. We are explorers by nature, and our greatest exploration lies within each of us all.

So I’m here to share what meaning I find in my life, spelunking my cave, my experiences, my little joys and I hope it makes you feel less alone in yours. I hope you find thoughts here that make you ponder your own life. Because we are never truly alone. Even now, you are not alone.

And movement, I’m going to write more about that because it’s a huge piece of my life. Because it’s also an exploration. Exploring the way your body works, the way it’s hinged together, the connection between you, your mind, and the machine itself. It’s exploring the boundaries of coordination, endurance, learning, articulation, and ultimately revelation of strength and love of moving, just for moving.

I’m not a mover chasing the superficial rewards, I’m a mover because I believe there are many valuable lessons one can learn about themselves when covered in sweat and exhaustion. Exercise and movement are not about weight control or body size, it’s about need. The body, mind and inner animus (soul) needs to move.

And what we eat, which I feel is meant to be an exploration, because we can’t all survive on the same diet. We do not exist in a state of sameness, but rather variations of human. Explore what works for each of us versus picking one path and covering all of us like a blanket. Food is meant to delight us in it’s most natural states, let’s explore the real reason good food is good. And just joy in simple food.

And the world, not just travel, but reading and listening and treating art like what it is, food for the mind and soul. Experiencing things outside of your bubble makes you stronger and sets the mind ablaze.

Of course, there will be cats and dogs here, and any other creatures who lend lessons to us. Sunrises and sunsets, the moon the stars…

Lastly, a few words about Mopsy. The pussy this blog was originally named for…


In case you’ve never read my early work or This post, the prior name for this blog may have offended or given you pause to read my posts. I’d like to take this moment to honor her and our relationship because I still believe she was the catalyst of change in my life. Yep, that’s a pun, go with it. And I still think of her, miss her, and hope she is alive and well in the world somewhere. And I hope she somehow remembers me too. I feel very much now like she was doorway I went through and changed forever…

And while dogs are the finest of companions, cats are great explorers. After living with both, I can tell you that the feline family members, especially Faline, are always seeking, calculating, watching and doing the long division. I feel like they are a sort of kindred soul in that respect. Dogs on the hand, remain a lesson in how to be a loyal and forgiving human. We can only hope to be as good as dogs seem to think we are… because I know the cats are onto us.

I hope to see you all again soon and invite you to leave comments below…

Happy Sunday.


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