Heal us

Happy hump day Travellers,

I’m back at work for half days, which is weirder than I could ever have imagined. I’m alone there, in my office, my other colleagues are not working alongside me as usual. It’s like being a ghost of my former life.

As hard as it’s been to adjust to the safe at home agenda, I don’t think we’ve thought about what it’s going to take to recalibrate ourselves back to our regularly scheduled program. It almost feels like going back to school after summer as a kid, except it’s not…because most of us aren’t kids anymore.

Did you know today was Earth Day? The 50th anniversary in fact, but it’s been  buried under the mountain of Covid-19 and political stories in the media. I would like to point out that Google had a really fabulous bee pollination activity in honor of Earth day that I particularly loved as a gardening fanatic. And it was cute cute cute.  I saw a few other mentions here and there. I’m sure somewhere out there the die hard activists are on their milk crates, but here in Kansas, not so much.

I’ve fully realized today, we are a rather myopic species aren’t we? I’m speaking as a whole. Not all the time or all of us, but I feel like society takes up a cause and REALLY REALLY gets behind it. And then the fanfare wanes. And the cause is never fully rendered solvent. Think about AIDS, #metoo or #timesup, anything related to racism or women’s rights, guns, the national debt or more appropriate today, the environment.

Last year, Greta Thrunberg showed up out of nowhere and lit it up. No one was prepared for a kid to tell it like it is, but I’m not sure it improved anything. Words may inspire and raise awareness, which Is sometimes just raising eye brows, but action is what spurs solvency. Or so I thought…

If you’ve been pay close attention, there are stories from around the globe about major polluted metropolises who’s skies are clear from smog for the first time in decades…Gas prices are low, oil is worthless right now…who would ever imagine such a thing? And there are wild animals wandering into the cities, walking about on the paved roads like they’re tourists on vacation. Someone should get to go on vacation this year, right?

The human world is on it’s knees, and yet our planet seems to be taking a long awaited inhale. It doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat, it’s clear that we have been choking her, the skies do not lie. And I can’t help bu wonder if the time to stop commodifying this planet has finally arrived.

I’m starting to believe this planet will survive us, surpass us, and thrive without us. The climate change will kill us, but may simply be evolution for her. Yes, I’ve always considered Earth a her. 

We never owned this world, it was not for lease. It’s never been our possession.  It’s always been a privilege that could be revoked at anytime. This virus did not come from a lab, it came from violating the boundaries of nature. The way species are geographically separated from one another is for good reason.

At lunch on Monday, I watched John Krasinksi’s weekly Youtube show, “Some Good News” and one of his segments featured the astronauts that are currently working on the ISS, that’s International Space Station. The only three humans alive who don’t have to stand six feet apart right now. I can’t imagine what it’s like floating above Earth on a good day, much less floating above Earth as it’s disintegrating into madness.

At the end of their segment, and forgive me for not knowing his name, but the astronaut said these words:

“An Earth in crisis is still an Earth worth returning to.”

And that made me cry. In the comment section, it appeared many others shared that sentiment. His words were some of sincerest and heart felt I’ve  heard during this pandemic. They felt cinematic, like dialogue from a planetary disaster movie. Or something Neil deGrasse Tyson would say looking down at Earth from space.

So how about about not just today or tonight, but for all the tomorrows, we try to do little things. No rants on milk crates, just use less toilet paper, recycle anything you can, ride a bike versus a car when it’s an option or walk, use less of everything, compost if you have that option, grow your own garden, but most of all, just this:

Practice Reverence.

This place, this planet is one of a kind, there are no others, and no amount of terraforming will ever replace it. We can’t buy another one. As we are each one of kind, so is our home. In case you didn’t know…

Just look around outside, how can you not adore it, be filled with gratitude for it, be amazed by it or want to protect it…

How do we move the needle from political issue to humanity issue for our home, Earth?



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