the Show after the Tell

Hello again,

As promised, here are some of the images to go with last night’s words…

My strawberry photos are intentionally absent. As I was watering them this morning, I realized they should have their own little virtual installation. Because they are a sight right now, life sprouting and blossoming while Fall is underway slowly slipping nature towards it’s winter slumber.

For tonight, let me show you the rest…

Starting with a few yums…this is the aforementioned cherry, mango apple eat it with your fingers, they’ll be stained and you’ll love every second of it combination I discovered this summer…
Look at what my blueberry bush made!! They tasted so good, nothing like their store bought cousins…and yes, I only got one handful, but it was enough…
Peaches with milk and a teaspoon of raw sugar…with their skins on, I’ve recently acquired that particular taste, have you tried that as well?
Look how beautiful these are, this is the inside of a yellow zucchini and I mixed them with other veggies and have learned this next photo is something that fills me up and makes me feel good, maybe give it a try…
Dos huevos and summer veg…sure to brighten any night or day…anything that looks this beautiful can’t be bad for you, that’s all I’m saying

How about these fine gentlemen…

Dave Grohl survived Nirvana to become a rock legend. And his daughter is singing on stage with him…which made me wonder, when did we all became grown ups?
Hoards of hitchhiking sunflowers…photo taken as I was driving about 78 mph…
Just look at that peach of a sunset, one of many…yes, still driving and taking photos…

And of course there was yoga and movement and sweatiness all summer long…I love this frame, it makes me feel like the witch I’d be with my familiar Faline…

AND cat tails..which just randomly grew on our walking trail this year…side note, those things split open just like dandelions and release some kind of fluffiness…nature is weird and always surprising, isn’t it?

That’s 10 ordinary extraordinarily good things. And so many more stored in my memories of this summer. I hope you find similar things that bring a smile to your face if for only a moment. Just genuine lovely things that are still here with us.

Be on the look out for the strawberry gallery and more words.

I’ll be seeing you soon!!

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