“I” is for kid stuff and dropping the mic

Hello Travellers,

Here’s Monday!!

Only this one here in the States is a holiday for most, which means no work today. I had set my alarm for 5am, but didn’t get up until 6am, because well, it’s a holiday. And I’m here late, because it’s a holiday…

Our morning walk was uneventful. The sky was clear, the sun rising, and I tell you, no clouds equals no greater glory. Don’t get me wrong, the way the sun’s rays cast their light across whatever object they encounter is a thing of beauty, but it fails to really make my jaw drop in wonder like the clouds can. And walking with the rising sun is still the best wake up I think a human can experience.

Not sure what I’m going to do when winter comes though…But we’ll worry about that when the time comes, which is something I need to learn to say more often in life.

Is your imagination ready?

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“H” is for a sun filled window and saying HELLO!!

Good morning Travellers,

It’s another Monday without a sunrise, instead there is just a gloomy cloud filled sky. And let’s not lie, that sort of environment makes difficult soil for joy to grow, but shouldn’t we still try? Apparently, I’m also rhyming today…wouldn’t it be awesome if one day a week everything you said had to rhyme?

Since it’s a Monday, it’s time to exercise your imagination, so do your stretches, take a few laps around your mental track, here we go…if you are unfamiliar with this little situation, please revisit my “A” post…or seek out the other letters…

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“G” is for fish cars & jungle gym bars

It’s Monday again Travellers,

This is a humid one with a rather difficult start. It was hard for me to rise and shine, just like the sun is having a hard time finding it’s way thru the wavy cloud banks this morning. And we encountered many unpleasant smells and grumpy faces on our walk. I thought I should let you know that not every morning is amazing here, but we keep going. Apparently, the world did not get the memo today that Mondays are now fun, or at least they COULD be…

Today our letter is “G” and you are really going to have to close your eyes and visualize these ideas because they require some serious imagination skills. Do you remember how to do that, close yours and see all the possibilities and none of the restrictions we place on ourselves as adults. I believe we call it reality…yea, you’re going to have to suspend that for now…

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“F” is for Flamingos and Fear

Good Monday morning Travellers,

This Monday finds me abit weary in the world, how about you? My business is being audited, which actually isn’t as nerve wracking for me as it seems to be for other people. I tend to believe if you run an honest business, auditing is just a formality which at it’s worst finds minor errors that can be corrected.

If only I handled the rest of my life with such rational ease…

BUT it’s Monday and we are here for a reprieve of typical Monday feelings, are we not? We are here to stretch our imaginations which is pleasurable endeavor is it not? And if this is your first Monday here, please refer to the post “A” is for Alien to fully grasp what’s going on…or any of the other letter posts…

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“E” is for Everybody Inc.

Good Monday morning to you Travellers,

Up and at it for another week, are you ready? We had the loveliest walk this morning under a sky of pinks, purples and oranges. It feels like fall has already begun to creep in the back door of summer…


Today we are getting our creativity on with the letter “E”. As I was thinking about this post I realized there are SO MANY words that start with the letter “E” that are all good positive things. Energy. Education. Electricity. Empathy. Everybody. Excellence. Endurance. Efforts. Exciting. Eager. Ernest. Elvis. I’m pretty sure I didn’t know most of these words as a child so, I think this may be one time where I didn’t create something that also began with the letter “E”. And I’ve been having some random memory flashes of the things I created with this exercise as a kid that would indicate that was not a requirement of this exercise. The only requirement was your imagination. Continue reading ““E” is for Everybody Inc.”