Heal us

Happy hump day Travellers,

I’m back at work for half days, which is weirder than I could ever have imagined. I’m alone there, in my office, my other colleagues are not working alongside me as usual. It’s like being a ghost of my former life.

As hard as it’s been to adjust to the safe at home agenda, I don’t think we’ve thought about what it’s going to take to recalibrate ourselves back to our regularly scheduled program. It almost feels like going back to school after summer as a kid, except it’s not…because most of us aren’t kids anymore.

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Fix me

Good morning Travellers,

This morning on our walk I felt a sense of relief. I had survived the night before and here was the dawn. Though a bit stuffy, even in the darkness. We’ve largely escaped the Midwest humidity this summer, but now it’s here in all it’s glory. Ta-da!! Even at 5:30am in the morning. I can’t imagine how humidity feels to animals, has to be like wearing a zipper-less fur coat into a sauna.

The other thing that made me heart feel better this morning was that rooster, the one I mentioned a few weeks ago. We haven’t heard him since that morning, I was afraid he had met with an ill fate. Or someone choked him to shut him up. This morning though, he was cock-a-doodle-doing with all his might. And it felt like a sort of heralding for me personally… Continue reading “Fix me”

I’d like to redefine

Good Saturday to you Travellers,

Do you ever want to change words? What I mean is the way the word sounds to you, the way it rolls off your tongue or it’s pronunciated cadence seems to defy what Merriam Webster and all of humanity before thought it should mean? Like it just seems completely fucking wrong? Everyone was wrong, and I laugh because it’s absurd, but I am the kind of person who likes to take words and make them my own, do you ever do that? When I was little I can remember my mother frequently saying she wished she had written down all the words I had invented to better serve my own language. I blame Dr. Suess, because he pretty much looked at English and said, yea, I’m just gonna have to make something up….

There are two words today I’d like to make the case for reassessment , LANGUISH and LANGUID…just look at them, they are virtual twinsies, like the exact same, but one is missing an ear, otherwise the exact same…if you positioned the hair correctly they would be identical, would they not because you couldn’t see the missing ear, now could you?

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Armor Up Ladies

Good late evening Travellers,



This image pretty much sums up the past few days. I would say it’s been a mixture of unscheduled storms and delays, non-walking mornings and a general sense of atmospheric moistness. Then combine all that with a sort of drive by accidental moodiness only reserved for PMS…but aren’t those puffy low clouds just wondrous looking?

Sorry not sorry to the men in the room, but any lady can tell you that for let’s say about a week out of every month, it feels as though your mind and body are not your own. I’ve had many unpleasant fleeting thoughts in the past two days, but we’ll talk about the trafficking your mind another time. Then there’s the fact that I feel so bloated, like a non-land mammal, I’m thinking, a beluga whale. The disconcerting part is always the fact that my clothing fits pretty much the same, but I feel swollen, and I feel like I look swollen, but my clothes say otherwise…it’s just the most unpleasant deep down disorientation..

And it’s been making me think about a few things with regards to the card carrying vagina members of this society…maybe it’s just the estrogen talking here, but…

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Speak now, or forever hold your piece..

Ciao Travellers,

I have to tell you whenever I type Ciao, I think of Eddie Izzard in THIS skit…his comedic prowess is really beyond compare. Take a few moments, I insist, it will brighten your morning and then we can reach an agreed understanding that when I type Ciao, you hear his voice, like I do…

Last night my brother from another mother and I were talking about the ramifications of me pursuing this little venture here on a grander scale. You see I’m getting business cards made, I know that’s probably not the normal approach to find readers but I’m an unusual girl who employs these types of unusual methods. Because I was raised in the tactile world where we liked to touch things versus just look at them on a flat monitor. I’m a fan still of reading books that I hold, and shopping in stores where I can touch the clothes. I see the cards as an invitation that I can’t extend in the same way virtually. And I’ve decided to just treat all of this as a great adventure and on great adventures we are brave and try new things. Continue reading “Speak now, or forever hold your piece..”

All I Really Need to Know I Learned From Movement, #1

Good morning Travellers,

It’s been storming here all night and the ground is soaked as are my shoes I left outside with the dog harnesses. Obviously, no 5am walk was had. It amazes me how smelly those things can get from everyday use, so I’ve been leaving them out to dry in the sun each day.

Speaking of stinky, yesterday as we were walking thru the neighborhood, every other block or so smelled like skunk. (I meant to tell you this yesterday, but I forgot..) I think skunks are the cutest little creatures and it seemed this one had rather boozily been spraying it’s scent. I sometimes wonder with a creature like that, do they ever just spray it for fun, like was he just running down the street letting his stink flag fly? That sort of created an amusing scene in my mind that I giggled at while we were walking…

SO I have a new idea or rather an old idea that I’m thinking is worth a little deeper dive…

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“D” is for dragons and doorways

Good Morning Travellers,

If you haven’t been here before on a Monday, this will possibly seem odd. Because we are not here to dread Monday’s arrival, but instead celebrate it with a creative vigor that is quite possibly missing from you life. Let’s begin…

The letter “D” is our starting point today.  It’s a capital “D” by the way, you can use lower case letters if that serves your art better. I forgot to mention that earlier, my bad.

What would you make with a “D” as a kid?

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It’s all in your mind…

Buenas tardes Travellers,

I hope this day finds you well in this world wherever that may be. Whenever it may be…I saw this random flower when I was mowing earlier this morning. No idea what it is or where it came from. Just seemed to be popping thru the fence to say, “Hello there”…


Let’s talk about the brain and movement. I think the number one benefit of exercise is brain health. AND learning how to control the body with the mind, which helps you be present in the moments of your life. Which in case you didn’t know, those things are super important for everyone. There isn’t a human alive who shouldn’t be present or aware of their own body.

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Bring you home

Good evening Travellers,

It’s the tail end of Saturday, which has not been particularly eventful for me, and now it’s about to be over. I’m not very good at doing nothing on any given day, do you know I mean? I take off time to relax and well, relax and instead I find my thoughts drift to berating myself for not doing more. I can’t really say I did much today, outside of our morning walk, my work out, weekend house cleaning, grocery shopping and now I’m here writing. I think I feel like I should be making giant leaps in a daily bound. I think my recent return to singledom makes me feel like I shouldn’t stand still for too long or I may get stuck…I should be making progress in some forward direction.

I’ve been holding the idea for this post in my head all day long…it goes a little something like this

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Dream a little dream of me

Happy Noon Travellers,

I’m off work today, and yesterday I was as well, but today has been more like a day off. In that I didn’t rise with the sun, the sun was waiting for me to get up instead…as was Lou who does not like any deviation from her doggy schedule. Which is kind of annoying because there are days, like today, where I want to sleep some more, but then I have those dreams.

Do you know these dreams, the ones you have between spells of sleep? The ones that disturb your sense of things. They are always my most vivid in that I can remember in detail what just happened in my mind. And I tend to physically feel the dream, the emotions of it permeate my body. It has measurable weight when my eyes open. It feels so here that when you awake, you expect that reality to be your now.

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