A solar year later…

Good evening Travellers,

I have officially lapped the one year mark since my ex left our home AND on last Friday, it was one year from our divorce. One solo trip around the sun. Somewhat hard to believe, but true.

And where I began is definitely not where I am now, so that’s progress. Maybe not the kind of progress I rather ambitiously hoped to have, because I think we all want to excel after we crash and burn. We wanna get back up at a racing pace when the truth is we were knocked on our ass and are completely dazed and out of breath. I wanted greatness while everyone in my life said, all you have to do in the first year is survive.

Well, I have survived.

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One Granule

It’s a rainy Saturday Travellers,

Rainy weekend days are really great for thinking aren’t they? And moving in a slightly slower modality. Even dogs and cats seem to nap more or stare out the windows watching life beyond the walls.

I spent an hour roaming the interweb this morning. It really is a sort of vastness that can stop an individual in their tracks. So many lives, so many ideas, so many voices, so many choices and all the advice in the world. It always makes me wonder, where do I fit in? Do you remember each day how many hearts are beating in this world?

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Good morning Travellers,

Fall is so close now. This morning it was 57 degrees when we left the house on our little walk about. It’s the kind of temperature where if you move quickly enough your body warms and it’s very refreshing. I think there’s a lot to be said for going out into the open world after being closed up in your house all night.

Have I said that before?

For the past two mornings, the skies have been mostly blue. Today there was a small drifting bank of clouds that at first appeared pale gray, but as the sun rose and the light hit them they developed a purplish candy coating on their underbellies. And I started thinking about refraction. Do you remember that from science as a kid? How light changes as it hits different areas of density AKA all the gorgeous skies I’ve seen have had some clouds. It’s the water in the air that makes the magic isn’t it? Which I think is still quite wondrous, explanations don’t always steal the magic, the trick is still amazing even if you know how it’s accomplished. Because nature remains the greatest showman of all.

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Everything will be Alright

Buenas tardes Travellers,

I’d like to interrupt your regularly scheduled Saturday afternoon with a little conversation but first, let’s start with THIS…(yes, yes you should listen, it’s inspiring. Maybe not your cup of tea, but the words are JUST SO ohhhhh…)

I’m abit late to the fandom of Passenger, but I found this yesterday, actually I found a live concert at the House of Blues, because at work I listen to YouTube while I whittle the day away, and this was the second to last song in his set…it felt like he was singing to me…It felt so timely to my life right now…the words…

So sing, sing at the top of your voice

Can you love without fear in your heart

Feel, feel like you still have a choice…

Cause if we all light up we can scare away the dark….

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The Unfolding

A mid-morning hello to you fellow Travellers,

I cannot find the words to tell you how extraordinary the weather is here in Kansas. Since you may not be aware of this fact, our state can birth a seriously hellishly hot, humid, nasty beast of a summer, but right now, it is GLORIOUS!! The forecast, GLORIOUS for like the next 10 days!! I feel like we won some kind of weather lottery…because the windows can stay open for hours and ohhhh, it’s just the best…just thought I’d let you know…

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