Kneading your needs

Good evening Travellers,

Did you remember today is Monday? This may be the only time in human existence where Mondays have been merely a shoulder shrug in the parade of time without measure. Mondays look a lot different without work and school and well, normal life, don’t they?

I’m gonna go a little free form and throw out some thoughts that have been on my mind today about Need…

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A missing memory

It’s Sunday Travellers,

Do you ever wake up to a rainy wet morning and think, I just wanna languish here in this place where it’s quiet and comfortable, half awake and my sheets smell like fresh laundry and I have nowhere to be today, and for one moment doing nothing for a whole day seems delicious? I woke up at 7am and that’s where I was, but alas, it didn’t stick and off I went to do all the things.

Good news is the unexpected rain has removed some of my tasks, like walking the ladies this morning and mowing the lawn, and the garden is watered so, that’s super nice…I appreciate that…

Remember I said that the combination of writing and therapy has jarred loose all kinds of memories that I had filed away. Many of them very good memories actually and I feel like most of these were tucked away for now. An odd thing to say I realize but it feels true nonetheless. Sometimes I think our lives are like puzzles and we lose or find pieces of ourselves along the way in equal measure, and at the rightest moment, a piece appears and we slide it into place. That’s how these memories feel  to me…

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Wet Dog Daze

It’s a super rainy Sunday Travellers,

There’s nothing quite like waking up to any form of disaster. This year Kansas has been getting more rain than well, the span of my life at least. I can’t remember this much rain and rain for me has now formed a unfortunate association with stress. Home owner stress. Flooding and leaking. And I’m not even in the worst of it, but I’ve learned my patio holds water which then floods into the basement AND I have a leak which we are yet to find in my roof AND a leak in a front window. All of which I’m told is normal as a home owner. That all houses have issues.

Here’s is where the real stress comes in, after my divorce we both walked away in not great financial shape, which is also pretty normal for those of us who are not wealthy. I think someone should a book about separation that is the reality for most people versus Eat, Pray, Love, which while a great meditation on finding oneself, it’s not a realistic picture of what leaving a marriage looks like. Leaving a marriage is terrifying in all these little ways that you’re never going to see coming. Read that again. Being in a home that needs repairs that you may not have the money to cover is stress unlike any other.

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