Good morning Travellers,

Not as early as I had hoped to be honest. I have a list of things I’m working on changing and getting up at 5am is one of those things. So far, no dice, I mean I got up in the 5 o’clock hour but not quite on the bullseye yet…trying again tomorrow…

Let’s talk about growth, because there is change and then there is growing…one of the small joys of my life is my garden. And when I’m out in my little patio garden THIS is the song I think of..it’s a joy song..

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Invictus in the morning

I can’t remember the last time I was here dear Travellers,

Change is a mother f*cker, isn’t it? I have yet to meet a human in my life who said, “Not only do I love change, but I embrace it without hesitation and attack it with vigor. I LOVE change! It’s my favorite thing!!” Said no one ever.

But change is all around us, it is literally inside of us. It’s what aging truly is, change. Change at every turn. Our cells, our very make up, exist in change. It’s mostly imperceptible but it’s happening. Look outside at the weather, the seasons, HELLO, CHANGE.. So why the hell is it such a struggle to change our lives? And interestingly, we all have different struggles with change…

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Welcome to the New World

Boa Noite Travellers,

Before I committed to this post, I wanted to take abit of time to get a lay of the land so to speak…I’ve been trying to fully ascertain the whole Mopsy back from the dead situation. Fortunately, there is the internet and with a few strategic clicks, I was able to successfully sleuth out what happened to her this past almost-year.

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