Make Good Choices…

And we are back Travellers,

I’ve been working on a lot of internal exploration these past two weeks. This is what I mean when I say “soul spelunking”, it’s the internal climbing around inside yourself so to speak. Digging into yourself, your emotions, your choices, your experiences to discover who you really are. Processing and shining a light into the darkness that you’ve been ignoring all your life.

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Here we are Travellers,

5am, and I’m up and walking with the ladies. Ladies being my dogs. I took my phone just so I could document this momentous occasion. I remember when I was in Mexico last and every morning somehow my body woke up just as the sun was rising. I sat on the balcony of our room and watched each day completely mesmerized. Granted that was Cabo San Lucas, and it was on the ocean, so abit more of a scene chewer than Kansas. However, since that trip, especially in the past year I’ve become quite taken with the sunrise, the sunset and the moon.

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All choices being equal

Ok, it’s still not 5am Travellers,

And here is why I’m not up at 5am. I didn’t get into bed last night till 11 and then a friend off mine texted me at 12:15, so we exchanged a few words and then I went to bed. Bad choices is why 5am is alluding me. One of the good things I learned from my ex is the importance of sleep. I believe it is one of the five things you have to practice for a healthy life, but that’s another post. Just did not choose well last night…

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