A single turkey walks into a bar…

Good morning Travellers,

We have arrived at the first major milestone holiday for me as a single girl. Okay, technically my birthday was the first, but this in America is a BIG one. Or not. It’s come to my attention in the past few years that many people do not really celebrate this day beyond a simple acknowledgement. And while I’m certain some patriots consider that blasphemy, I find it comforting. Not just now as a single person whose family is far away, but because I think each of our lives is our own and why should anyone dictate what our days mean to us.

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No one expects The Spanish Inquisition


Buonasera Travellers,

Part 3, Pussy on the Road (if you are new here, this is a honorary one reference to Mopsy not my lady parts…just FYI…when confused, try going back to the start…)

I left Tucumcari on Sunday morning to drive to my Dad’s in Rio Rancho, which is on the fringes of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Let me say how internally discombobulated a person feels when they are driving to see their Dad who they haven’t in 11 years. Having a less than fully functional relationship with any parent leaves a distinct kind of crater in our souls. By equal measure, I can’t speculate what it’s like to be the parent in a situation like this.

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