V.A.C. #7 It’s so fluffy!!!

Good evening Travellers,

Today’s little door #7, and behind it is the image of a tiny little person snug in their bed with a little smile on their face…and you can see their tiny little feet hanging out the sides adorned in fluffy socks…

The reason for the season today is comfort. Comforting your aching souls with fluffy, soft, warmly embracing, reassuring hug, deep sigh, fuzzy comfort. I’m not sure how you’re doing this season so far, but today I’ve taken abit of nose dive. Just alone, feeling very alone looking at my wonderful tree, unsure if anyone else will see it but me and my fur kids. Trying to find validation for your life inside yourself is rather challenging somedays, isn’t it? Being on your own is both a liberating journey and super sad at times during the holidays.

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