“P” is for plants and planting, perfectional, & beanstalk ladders

Happy Monday Travellers,

I took a little hiatus last week for some soul searching AKA, having no time to write in the mornings as I’m trying to rehab my ankle and I’m feeling lost at large in life right now.

I actually could not get this to post this morning, so I’m here after dinner, trying to get it on. Again…

Because of course, I would not miss a Monday to spread some imaginative FUN!! Morning or evening…Mondays deserve us to show up with a better attitude don’t they? Think of the weight Monday has to carry on it’s little back. It’s the day that follows the weekend, it’s the work after the party or naps. Mondays deserve some sympathy…and fun.

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Dream a little dream of me

Happy Noon Travellers,

I’m off work today, and yesterday I was as well, but today has been more like a day off. In that I didn’t rise with the sun, the sun was waiting for me to get up instead…as was Lou who does not like any deviation from her doggy schedule. Which is kind of annoying because there are days, like today, where I want to sleep some more, but then I have those dreams.

Do you know these dreams, the ones you have between spells of sleep? The ones that disturb your sense of things. They are always my most vivid in that I can remember in detail what just happened in my mind. And I tend to physically feel the dream, the emotions of it permeate my body. It has measurable weight when my eyes open. It feels so here that when you awake, you expect that reality to be your now.

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Less Wishing, Hoping, Dreaming, More Doing, Doing, Doing

Good morning Travellers-

Last night one of my very favorite things about life on this planet occurred, the lightening bugs returned to my backyard. Or fire flies if you’d rather. I love their rapid flashes of fluorescent butt lights. I say butt lights because it is in fact the abdomen/booty area that is lighting up. Apparently, that’s how they signal and attract mates. What a fantastic weird life!!

I’ve also never been able to photograph them very well. When I’ve tried to film them, it feels like you miss out on their magic. And they are magic. Times like this remind me that I’m so glad I didn’t grow up with a cell phone, so glad all my memories of youth are real time brain storage versus being “in the cloud” storage. I always feel like nights like last night and these creatures have a dream like quality to them.

Anyways, after I wrote yesterday morning’s post, I started thinking about wishing, hoping and dreaming and how maybe I just need more doing…

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