Re: Wrong/defective Item

Bonjour Travellers,

I woke up to another dreary day and decided I’d try a little experimental writing to amuse myself and hopefully you laugh a little as well…enjoy!!

To whom it may concern,

This is not the Spring that I ordered from your catalog. Obviously someone sent me the wrong item and I’m gonna need to talk to your supervisor to straighten this mess out. I have been a good customer all my life and this is just unacceptable. I’d also like to preface that I did not request a refund for the item you sent during this Winter, when I purchased “Winter Wonderland” and you sent me what I can only describe as a simulation of planet Hoth.

In early February, I ordered “Glorious Spring”. The product description included warmer days with features of sunshine, birds singing, grass growing with simultaneous tree budding, earlier sunrises with occasional moments of transcendent beauty ideal for early morning outdoor activity, mostly clear skies with light breezes and all the stars in heaven at night. Additionally, there would be occasional showers to grow my May flowers. This product was guaranteed to warm the soul and provide ample amounts of hope to give the purchaser all the energy required to create positive change in their life.

“Occasional” does not mean raining over 48 hours straight. And with no sun in sight. I know it’s out there somewhere, SOMEWHERE, but seriously do I have to go drag it down here myself?? And yes, the birds are randomly singing, and the grass is growing, but look at my poor flowers. JUST LOOK AT THEM!! Perhaps someone has broken the tap on the God water system?? Is it a plumbing issue? Do you need the number for a plumber?

Or maybe my item has gotten lost in the mail? Maybe you substituted my purchase without my permission believing that I would not realize this is not my order? Because J.Crew did that one time, and look how that turned out for them.

Or was it so poorly handled in shipping that it’s broken, and this is what happens when it’s broken? Is it broken??

Look, here’s the thing, I’m trying to change my life for the better, recovering from one of the most heart breaking experiences of my life, and starting a new business that will partially operate outdoors. Spring is about starting anew, right? THIS is the kind of thing that drives people into the deepest recesses of their bed, never to return again.

I’m willing to work with you because I know that seasonal weather items are “temperamental” and there is always some responsibility on the part of the buyer, but I just started using this item and again, it’s not acceptable. And I really don’t want to leave a poor review on your website because I’m usually a fan of your products and I regularly recommend them to others.

Please respond within 24 hours with either a refund of my purchase, a new item, or some kind of repair to fix it. It appears I’m probably going to be one of your customers for quite awhile longer as I’m only maybe half way through my journey on this planet, so I would hate for our relationship to become contentious for the remaining duration.

With appreciation for all you do,

Amy Crow

A time to sow

Buona Serata Travellers,

(That’s good evening in Italian…in honor of Italy and Little Italy in NYC.)

This one is  gonna be a little experimental tonight, because why not?


I discovered something wonderful today that just made me so… so something I cannot describe with one word….

It’s the feeling that comes with the discovery of new life, it’s hope, optimism, joy, and belief that life always find a way. It all begins again.

It’s a sort of hello that you feel as the corners of your mouth draw back into the most earnest of grins. The toothy kind that comes with a giggle.

It’s the acknowledgment that we are not alone here, not just human here, this is a shared space with other life. We are the caretakers of this place, many lives depend on us.

It’s the warmth of the responsibility to nurture new life in the face of adversity. Because there will be much adversity. There will always be adversity. So we must guard tenderness.

It’s knowing the attempt is worth it. The fruit of your labors may be small, but that size will not matter. Doing and trying something new is a form of magic unlike any other.

It’s the knowing that everything has a beginning, isn’t that the best part, the beginning. It’s the part of our movie reel that we play over and over in our minds when the end has arrived.

It’s sweetness seeping into in every corner of your saddened, tired, hardened soul.

I can feel it’s time now for things to grow again. The best part of the year is now. No viral apocalypse can stop the seasons, the sun will not be denied it’s due seasonal  shift in the skies. Call it a solar reckoning.

What must is be like to begin as a seed? To be buried in the dark, an eventual surrender that cracks you wide open as you reach towards the light of an uncertain world through the smallest crevice…



Here is what I saw or rather what I am sowing:




Look at that little guy…

Now look at this little congregation…


No matter how many gardens I have planted, this part never gets old. And these are my first seeds, it’s been maybe a week.

We will be okay, do you hear me, my grandma was always right, everything works out in the end. Every time. Right now, we are just in the dark, but look closely, because the light will find a way in, and we will reach…


The inventory

How’s your morning Travellers?

Do you ever wake up and move gently thru your morning routine in such a way that it feels, well I’m not sure what the word is, it’s more of an audible, “Hmmmmm..” and the the corners of your mouth turn up in a smile. Not because your life is perfect but just because it is. You’re alive and life is here all around you…and the sun is coming up and your garden is blooming and full. Your little crew of a family seem content as well in their own ways…

The greatest thing about this place, right here, where my words come to live is that I don’t owe anyone anything here in this space. There are no expectations other than the ones I might place on myself. And my expectation is simply the truth. We should all have such a space, shouldn’t we?

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