V.A.C. #9- Let them Eat Soup

Good evening Travellers,

My my, it is brisk as f*ck outside…and I will be so glad to have my new washing machine next week because slinging a large mountain of wet laundry in and out of my car, down a flight of stairs in a precarious balancing act is not my idea of fun. Because my dryer works, so I’ve only been washing at the laundromat to save money and while that was fine on warmer days, tonight it felt like an odd obstacle Indiana Jones would have had to conquer in a far more domestic adventure…

Enough about me and my trivial winter hardships, let’s talk about opening that little door on our virtual advent calendar, and behind the little door is picture of  a tiny bowl of soup with those little steam trail swirlys above it’s liquidy surface…nothing feels more yummy than soup on cold days. Or rainy days or just crappy days during the fall and winter months. Does it?

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V.A.C. #5- One word: GREEN

And I’m back Travellers,

Due to my previously mentioned wobbling, I missed a day here and I owe you another tiny little door, don’t I? Because if this was an actual Advent Calendar and you forgot a day, you’d open a second door today wouldn’t you? It’s like eating a second cookie or piece of wedding cake when no one is watching…

Behind the little door today, is a picture of a blooming Christmas cactus…in case you are unfamiliar with that plant, here are some images of mine…

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The virtual Advent Calendar DAY 1- Create your own Norman Rockwell

Good morning Travellers-

Welcome to your virtual Advent Calendar for December 2019!!! Each day of this month I will be offering an idea for you to not just survive the holidays, but hopefully THRIVE during this month.  Obviously unlike normal advent calendars, we are beginning on the 2nd AND will continue ALL THE WAY to New Years Eve!!! Because I’m weird and insist on always doing things the difficult way…and I ask you, why not do 30 days instead of 25?

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