V.A.C. #3- Nobody like a Dirty Belly Button

Happy Wednesday Travellers,

Behind today’s little virtual advent door would be a tiny little drawing of you in a bath wearing gloves…A bit odd I realize, but allow me to explain…

One of things I think is really important when you find yourself in a stressful period of life is self care. Simple acts of self care help lift our spirits versus neglecting your body when you already are down in the holiday dumps will only make matters worse. And showing yourself some love I think tends to help with whatever unpleasant feelings have arrived at your door this holiday season. Because no matter the thoughts and emotions you may be experiencing, they are just guests in the house of your soul. Whereas, your body is your forever vehicle in this life.

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Functional Meditation #1

Good morning Travellers,

I’d like to begin with a little explanation of what this is and what the end goal is.

Because I think it’s advisable to have some sense of direction when setting off on an adventure versus wandering in the desert for a century…

I’m a practitioner of functional movement. Functional movement is using exercise to not only strengthen the body, but to also make us more effective and less strained by everyday life tasks. The movements are multiple muscle group based, use a good deal of core action and have a practical nature that makes everyday life better.

I’m attempting to apply the idea of functionality to meditation in a similar fashion. My goal is to make it this an accessible and practical skill that will ease the stress of everyday life. Something you could use at anytime, anywhere. Standing up, sitting down, laying down, with music, without music.

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Hunting the green monster

Good evening fellow Travellers,

It’s Sunday, we’re back again, at either the start or then end…I think for me Sunday is the start, like I’m on the tarmac preparing to take off. Sundays are a day of preparation for me. There’s dog walking, lawn mowing, laundry, salad prepping and whatever else needs to get done to get my week off the ground so to speak…

See I just snuck the salad thing in there, that’s why I’m here today, to make the case for VEGG. As in veggies, vegetables, and greens. As in the thing that Americans and well, I can’t speak the rest of you because I don’t live in your country, but I tend to think many countries live in veggie deprivation whether by choice or by access. Veggies are a big deal. They are THE big deal that most people are missing…

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