Breakfast of Champions

Good morning Travellers,

Guess what? You’ll never guess…We had an amazing walk. AGAIN. I know it’s ridiculous how good something so simple can be. This morning there was a symphony of birds singing, birds I’ve never heard before, seriously and owls hooting and of course that rooster crowing. Even a few members of the late night bug symphony were still playing…

There was a moment at the halfway mark of our walk where I stopped to turn around and just soak it in. The fog bank was nestled up against the tree line and the sky was light blue with a few small clouds. Someone cut the grass last night, so there were little pieces of grass on all of our legs. HEAVEN.

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The Libra who gave up her scale

Ciao Travellers,

How’s Sunday been treating you? It’s technically over here, but I figured I should show up and say a little something today…

We’ve had a day of little action and the only real excitement was when Charlie brushed his tail up against my leg while I had depilatory cream on them. That’s the stuff you use to nuke the hair off your legs, it seems to last longer than shaving. Anyhow, there I was chasing him around the house half dressed with this smelly shit on my legs trying to get it off his tail with a wet paper towel. Because no one wants a bald tail now do they?

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