Heal us

Happy hump day Travellers,

I’m back at work for half days, which is weirder than I could ever have imagined. I’m alone there, in my office, my other colleagues are not working alongside me as usual. It’s like being a ghost of my former life.

As hard as it’s been to adjust to the safe at home agenda, I don’t think we’ve thought about what it’s going to take to recalibrate ourselves back to our regularly scheduled program. It almost feels like going back to school after summer as a kid, except it’s not…because most of us aren’t kids anymore.

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Bring you home

Good evening Travellers,

It’s the tail end of Saturday, which has not been particularly eventful for me, and now it’s about to be over. I’m not very good at doing nothing on any given day, do you know I mean? I take off time to relax and well, relax and instead I find my thoughts drift to berating myself for not doing more. I can’t really say I did much today, outside of our morning walk, my work out, weekend house cleaning, grocery shopping and now I’m here writing. I think I feel like I should be making giant leaps in a daily bound. I think my recent return to singledom makes me feel like I shouldn’t stand still for too long or I may get stuck…I should be making progress in some forward direction.

I’ve been holding the idea for this post in my head all day long…it goes a little something like this

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