Give up the ghost

Good evening Travellers,

Here’s something I never thought I’d write, a bit of a glimpse into a recent life experience of mine that I’ve come to learn is a sort of pandemic of it’s own merit. Not the kind that causes blood clots, strokes, difficulty breathing and overall body pain, but more of a socialization virus that causes a disruption in our days and sadness in our souls.

I’m talking about ghosting. 

In case you are unfamiliar with that word, ghosting is when a person who has been romantically present in your life in some capacity for any period of time just vanishes without a word or explanation. Just POOF. Gone. And the ghostee is left wondering if the entire experience was all a mirage. Or an illusion greater that anything David Blaine has ever attempted.

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It’s business time….

Buenos Dias Travellers,

Just a quick recap, the way I’m doing this thing now is each morning, I write for one hour, whatever is on my mind, not much editing and then BAM, I publish…see my last post about the “DO’ing…

This morning we’re gonna talk about sexy time topics, so IF you are squeamish about discussing anything sexual OR IF you know me in the real world and reading about my thoughts on sex make you uncomfortable, STOP READING NOW…

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