Buon pomeriggio  Travellers,

For the cheap seats in the back, Today is Saturday…


Do you believe that art or an artist needs suffering in order to create? Doesn’t strife strike the imagination like a match? I mention this only because I have felt very heightened in terms of inspiration during this whole epidemic. I feel energized in the act of creation right now in a way I haven’t for a long time.

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What I know…

Good morning Travellers,

I awoke this morning in the mid- 5 o’clock hour, to cloud filled skies that gave way to a semi serious down pour. No walking this morning. But I was able to crack open the windows and fill the house with the smell of rain with a side of humidity…it’s gonna be the last rain we have for a spell, so I’m okay with my morning schedule being skewed today…

Last night, let’s talk about last night…in the evening, after I ate dinner, I went down stairs and got two chocolate chip cookies and milk for dessert..

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