Armor Up Ladies

Good late evening Travellers,



This image pretty much sums up the past few days. I would say it’s been a mixture of unscheduled storms and delays, non-walking mornings and a general sense of atmospheric moistness. Then combine all that with a sort of drive by accidental moodiness only reserved for PMS…but aren’t those puffy low clouds just wondrous looking?

Sorry not sorry to the men in the room, but any lady can tell you that for let’s say about a week out of every month, it feels as though your mind and body are not your own. I’ve had many unpleasant fleeting thoughts in the past two days, but we’ll talk about the trafficking your mind another time. Then there’s the fact that I feel so bloated, like a non-land mammal, I’m thinking, a beluga whale. The disconcerting part is always the fact that my clothing fits pretty much the same, but I feel swollen, and I feel like I look swollen, but my clothes say otherwise…it’s just the most unpleasant deep down disorientation..

And it’s been making me think about a few things with regards to the card carrying vagina members of this society…maybe it’s just the estrogen talking here, but…

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