Learning To Fly

Good morning Travellers,

It’s one of those mornings where I awoke to 77 degrees, thick air and cloudy skies. No sunrise. Unfortunately for the ladies, anything over 74 means no walk. 74 are the last digits on the thermometer that everyone tolerates well. As in, no one is dragging behind at any point on our jaunt. I sometimes wonder how much heat I could personally handle wearing a fur coat. Dogs are warriors about this kind of stuff aren’t they? Think about that when you see a dog outside in the heat next time…

I realized this past weekend, I have become abit of a home bound soul. Not quite a hermit, but on the weekends, I’ve been in ALOT. Lately I find I’d rather stay in my house with my four furry family members and watch Netflix, soothing myself into numbness than try to I dunno, go out in the world, meet new people, have new experiences, bravely face my future etc. I just want to hide. That’s the truth, I want to curl up in the fetal position and not move. I don’t know that I would call it fear, as much as just sparing myself all the discomfort…I am beyond uncomfortable in my life right now..

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Dawdling along…

Good evening Travellers,

We now bring you your regularly scheduled program but moving at the speed of dawdle. That’s my speed on Saturdays, and I just learned an awesome new turn of phrase for dawdling, “Frittering time away”…it makes me smile just typing it and the vastness of the internet will never cease to amaze me. And language is awesome isn’t it?

After a day of frittering time away, I DID go to the house with the clock, we’ll come to that in second. First, I have to ask, do you have habits that annoy you? As in, you annoy yourself with the behaviors that you fail to change. Dawdling for me is a two way street, I simultaneously enjoy it and get annoyed with myself for doing it. Because there’s a middle ground there, where I could do better. Do you know what I mean? I have been having a day of being annoyed with myself…

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