Make Good Choices…

And we are back Travellers,

I’ve been working on a lot of internal exploration these past two weeks. This is what I mean when I say “soul spelunking”, it’s the internal climbing around inside yourself so to speak. Digging into yourself, your emotions, your choices, your experiences to discover who you really are. Processing and shining a light into the darkness that you’ve been ignoring all your life.

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One Granule

It’s a rainy Saturday Travellers,

Rainy weekend days are really great for thinking aren’t they? And moving in a slightly slower modality. Even dogs and cats seem to nap more or stare out the windows watching life beyond the walls.

I spent an hour roaming the interweb this morning. It really is a sort of vastness that can stop an individual in their tracks. So many lives, so many ideas, so many voices, so many choices and all the advice in the world. It always makes me wonder, where do I fit in? Do you remember each day how many hearts are beating in this world?

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