The Machinations of Meditation

Hola Travellers,

It’s Friday and I feel so obligated to share something with you from our morning walk…I’ve never seen anything quite like this and I was barely off the front lawn to take the photo…


It’s like a weird wall of light. I find it rather spectacular. Look at that line of sunshine. So fabulously weird, isn’t it? This planet is awesome, isn’t it?

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Having the day you’re going to have…

Good evening Travellers,

Obviously, this is not my  regularly scheduled program time, but here we are…let me start by saying this day did not start with any kind of awesomeness…No awesome 5am rise, no awesome morning walk with the ladies, no awesome work out and no awesome writing here with you lovely people…morning totally devoid of awesome sauce…

Here’s what happened, I was up late talking to my dearest friend about potty training, which may sound dull, but we never have dull conversations. Seriously, we covered everything from Lee Harvey Oswald to debating if in fact, you place a person’s hand in warm water do you spontaneously pee? AND would that help out the potty training method if combined with running water and there’s was one other element I can’t remember now…it’ll come to me later…but it was the perfect trifecta of potty training techniques…needless to say, not enough sleep was had and well, no 5am.

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