Giant children everywhere

Happy Hump day Travellers,

Is that a thing in other countries, hump day? All I ever think about when I hear that turn of phrase is that damn camel in that insurance commercial…but I do love a feisty camel..

The heat has arrived. This morning it was 78 on our walk which is about 3 degrees too much for my dog Ramona, but she loves to walk so much I’m pretty sure she’d make the whole trip across hot coals if she had to…just to go on a walk. I tried to take a picture of the moon when I woke up because it was all glowy in the gauzy clouds, it was magnificent, but the problem is it shines so brightly I can’t get it to photograph well…sometimes I think the wonders of this world are only meant for eyes and memories, not our devices. As we walked and the sky lightened, the moon was just floating in this pink and purple haze. It was amazing…early morning is just glorious, how have I missed out all these years?

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