Family & that damn I-70 West

Here we are Travellers, the final stop and last hoorah of the traveling Pussy saga….

My final destination before I turned back home was my in-laws who are outside of Fort Collins, Colorado in a tiny town/suburb…when I was planning this little excursion, this for me was the finish line because if I could make it there in one piece, then I knew I could find the way home…

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Gardening with the Gods

Sun down Travellers,

On our way around, traveling Pussy..Part 6…

First, the music… Because if we are talking of gods, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page are most certainly gods of musical ingenuity, are they not? This is music to soak into your skin and down to your soul… and my favorite version of this track…I digress…

After the Dunes, I drove to the town of Walensburg, Colorado and stayed in a charming little B&B.

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HELLOOOO Travellers,

Sincerest apologies for my delay, sinuses & snot again, I tell you what…

Part 5, same day, bonus round…

Let’s talk about a kind of road less traveled scenario. Unlike Frost’s  version, this is not the lesser travelled, but the more aggressive to travel.  Ok, THIS PHOTO is actually the walking trail that comes after the crazy drive, but I sh*t you not, the actual road is not much different. It’s a little wider and a smidge flatter. There were a fewer huge rocks, but still, completely ludicrous.

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Spring on Tatooine

Ah, salaaam and good evening to you worthy Travellers,

Part 4, Pussy on the road…

The second biggest reason I took this trip was to experience The Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.  I can’t say with 100% certainty where I saw the video/photos online that peaked my interest in this place, but I can say that EVERYONE should 100% go here once in their life. Go in the Spring when it’s cooler and uncrowded. But first let’s talk about the drive there…

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No one expects The Spanish Inquisition


Buonasera Travellers,

Part 3, Pussy on the Road (if you are new here, this is a honorary one reference to Mopsy not my lady parts…just FYI…when confused, try going back to the start…)

I left Tucumcari on Sunday morning to drive to my Dad’s in Rio Rancho, which is on the fringes of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Let me say how internally discombobulated a person feels when they are driving to see their Dad who they haven’t in 11 years. Having a less than fully functional relationship with any parent leaves a distinct kind of crater in our souls. By equal measure, I can’t speculate what it’s like to be the parent in a situation like this.

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Stories our parents tell us…

Greetings Travellers,

Let’s call this part 2 of Pussy on the Road (in spirit of course)…

The first leg of my journey passed thru 4 states, granted two of them, Oklahoma and Texas, were just cutting corners. The drive was around 9 hours to my first destination. 9 hours from the Go spot seemed like forever to a road trip novice. However, time moved in a perfect meter to match my wandering gaze. I am a big looking out the windows while driving kind of person, so I very much enjoyed passing thru all the changing terrain.

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