“E” is for Everybody Inc.

Good Monday morning to you Travellers,

Up and at it for another week, are you ready? We had the loveliest walk this morning under a sky of pinks, purples and oranges. It feels like fall has already begun to creep in the back door of summer…


Today we are getting our creativity on with the letter “E”. As I was thinking about this post I realized there are SO MANY words that start with the letter “E” that are all good positive things. Energy. Education. Electricity. Empathy. Everybody. Excellence. Endurance. Efforts. Exciting. Eager. Ernest. Elvis. I’m pretty sure I didn’t know most of these words as a child so, I think this may be one time where I didn’t create something that also began with the letter “E”. And I’ve been having some random memory flashes of the things I created with this exercise as a kid that would indicate that was not a requirement of this exercise. The only requirement was your imagination. Continue reading ““E” is for Everybody Inc.”