Do you know harm?

Ah Travellers,

Another morning yet again, how fortunate we are that keeps happening, am I right? Every time I walk in the 5AM hour, I’m becoming more convinced it’s where the magic happens and each day I see the same determined souls out moving and grooving and it makes me smile…

Lately, I keep seeing these t-shirts that say, “Do no harm, but take no shit.”And bumper stickers and every time it makes me think of Ahisma, which is one of the five yamas on the eight limb path of yoga…I bet you just said, “WHAAAAT?” A brief PSA, yoga isn’t just the bendy leg wrapped around you head pick your nose with your little toe action and then breathe. It’s not just handstands and expensive spandex pants or saying Namaste all the time. I would describe yoga as an ethical path that leads you to a best version of yourself and the world. It’s a journey like everything else.

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Good evening Travellers,

Another late night, because I go to bed early, you know 9:30 or so, because I’m apparently old and now like sleeping, unlike my 20s where I never slept and felt awesome. 3 hours tops and felt AWESOME! So after 10pm is now late…

Tonight the thought gum my brain is chewing consists of a few things, which for some reason brings to mind a scene from Sex and the City where Samantha is upset because Richard, Richard with the perfect penis, he keeps signing cards with the closing “Best” which Miranda equivocates as “Not Love”…couldn’t find it on YouTube to link, so that’s my best explanation…

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