Immunity is a Garden

Good afternoon Travellers,

Obviously for starters not many humans on Earth will be traveling any great distances for the next several weeks. However I do believe that these circumstances that have presented themselves offer all of us unlimited internal mileage opportunities. As in growth. Or so my optimistic side says, we can as a species grow from this experience. Mostly because I think all the things that we find unpleasant and difficult in life offer us the greatest opportunity to grow, don’t they?

In case you are new here, I live in Kansas and while the city in which I dwell does not currently have any confirmed cases of Corona virus (or what I have affectionately dubbed, “The Beer Virus” because sometimes you can be serious and have a giggle simultaneously), there is a county nearby with 8 confirmed cases. Many people who reside here travel back and forth between the two on a daily basis to work. It’s only a matter of time, right?

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My little war with anorexia

Good morning Travellers,

I made it, 5am, AGAIN!! And I think it’s going to go on my list of things I love, watching the world wake up, the sun rise and the quiet walk with the ladies..

I’m working my way towards writing about all things healthy life living kind of words and I’ve been trying to figure out where to begin, so I’m going to tell you where I began…

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