Speak now, or forever hold your piece..

Ciao Travellers,

I have to tell you whenever I type Ciao, I think of Eddie Izzard in THIS skit…his comedic prowess is really beyond compare. Take a few moments, I insist, it will brighten your morning and then we can reach an agreed understanding that when I type Ciao, you hear his voice, like I do…

Last night my brother from another mother and I were talking about the ramifications of me pursuing this little venture here on a grander scale. You see I’m getting business cards made, I know that’s probably not the normal approach to find readers but I’m an unusual girl who employs these types of unusual methods. Because I was raised in the tactile world where we liked to touch things versus just look at them on a flat monitor. I’m a fan still of reading books that I hold, and shopping in stores where I can touch the clothes. I see the cards as an invitation that I can’t extend in the same way virtually. And I’ve decided to just treat all of this as a great adventure and on great adventures we are brave and try new things. Continue reading “Speak now, or forever hold your piece..”

Therapy isn’t a dirty word

Hello Travellers,

Today is therapy day for me. I’ve been going now since November of last year with a well paced regularity. I would say it has changed my life and helped me save my life. And the best part I’m discovering is it’s evolutionary in nature, meaning where I began I am no longer, now I am somewhere new and I know there are miles to go. Miles that I am ready to travel now. Something that’s a really big deal for me is that I have no idea what the future holds and I AM OK WITH THAT.

Let’s be honest though, not all my therapy experiences have been like this, and because I’m here to have an honest conversation, I think I have to tell all the stories.

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