The Spaces in Between

Good Evening Travellers,

If every day could start with a walk like the one I had this morning…not because the sunrise was spectacular or the temperature was perfection, but because I discovered the space in between the sunrise and the night skies. I’ve walked in the morning light and the fringes of it’s darkness, but I can’t recall ever experiencing this particular heavenward canvas before…the fade from blackish blue thru all the shades of indigo, navy and plum. The most exquisite combination of blue and purple hues that slowly melted into periwinkle. Nature seems to have a bottomless color palette.

Sometimes I think I should write a book called “A Million Morning Skies, the Inspiration for a Human Life”…

I’ve been thinking about all the in between spaces today. The hours where the skies undulate between day and night. The hours between sleep and awake. The way our emotions come and go creating compartments of time. The minutes or hours spent traveling from place to place. Time that bridges one goal to the next. The way our lives change in between all the various destinations. The moments we let slip away each day between tasks, chores, work or other events…do you ever think about those times?

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Learning To Fly

Good morning Travellers,

It’s one of those mornings where I awoke to 77 degrees, thick air and cloudy skies. No sunrise. Unfortunately for the ladies, anything over 74 means no walk. 74 are the last digits on the thermometer that everyone tolerates well. As in, no one is dragging behind at any point on our jaunt. I sometimes wonder how much heat I could personally handle wearing a fur coat. Dogs are warriors about this kind of stuff aren’t they? Think about that when you see a dog outside in the heat next time…

I realized this past weekend, I have become abit of a home bound soul. Not quite a hermit, but on the weekends, I’ve been in ALOT. Lately I find I’d rather stay in my house with my four furry family members and watch Netflix, soothing myself into numbness than try to I dunno, go out in the world, meet new people, have new experiences, bravely face my future etc. I just want to hide. That’s the truth, I want to curl up in the fetal position and not move. I don’t know that I would call it fear, as much as just sparing myself all the discomfort…I am beyond uncomfortable in my life right now..

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