Pieces of me

Hello my Friends, dear Travellers,

It’s been well, about 3 months. Three months ago, I was happily blogging along in December with my virtual calendar for Christmas. AND then…then well, my little blog was invaded by what I’m going to call, “The Porn Horde” Why would I say that? Because there was an exponential rise in visitors here. Like HUNDREDS actually, and upon abit of investigation, these fine people were looking for an actual Pussy Advent Calendar. Not as in cat, as in vagina. Or perhaps vulvas. Does such a thing exist out there? Quite possibly. And while I do not believe in censorship, I can’t say I have any understanding of that situation. Maybe it’s because I own my own vagina/vulva, so why go looking for others??

(I raise my shoulders in a massive emphatic shrug here…)

Needless to say, I took as break.

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“C” is for Crescent Moon

And How’s your Monday morning Travellers?

It’s been raining here, so no morning walk, in fact, I can’t honestly say I even got up remotely on time for a walk. I struggled to find my way into bed last night, so it’s good that it rained, makes me feel less of a loser for not getting up on time…

You know what day it is, and since the third time is the charm, a brief quid pro quo… Mondays here in this space are for reminding us of the wonder that lives in our imaginations long forgotten in the ravages of adulthood. Today, let’s embrace Monday for what it can be, another day to squeeze out some less serious silliness.

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