“B”is for Better thoughts


Good morning Travellers,

In case you missed out last week, Mondays are now fun! Yes, I’m serious…Or at least we shall endeavor to find some fun..Since this is only our second letter, I will offer the explanation of this exercise one more time…also, go back and read “A is for alien” for further details or to hear the first idea.

When I was quite young, probably first or second grade, we did this exercise in school where you took a letter and turned it into something. Anything really and then wrote a little story about it…I feel like most adults don’t let their imagination out often enough and so I decided on Mondays I would resurrect this little gem…there are no limits, no right or wrong ideas, and how often do you as adult get to exercise your mind in any direction you want without someone saying,..”Ummm, no, no we’re not doing that…”

Today, yes, you can do that..Here we go…get the crayons, color outside those damn lines…

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